Container Volumes

Above ground storage tanks, underground tanks, and tanker trailers. Dulin and Boynton has 70 years experience in liquid storage calibrations. From small containers to 1,000,000 bbl tanks. We have furnished our services worldwide.
  • Exterior Measurements
  • Interior Deadwood
  • Liquid Calibrations
  • Calibrated Meters

Capacity Calculations

API Standards for measurements, deadwood and liquid calibrations. Calculations are made in accordance with API Standards for Custody Transfer.
  • Field Measurements
  • Computer Data Input
  • Redundancy Checks for Accuracy


Gauge Tables and Increment Sheets. We provide Gauge Tables in standard ledger format as well as customer specific formats.
  • Gauge Tables in Gallons or Barrels
  • Increments in decimal feet or fractional inches
  • Digital files are archived for future reference